Monday, July 10, 2006

Problem Installing IE7 Beta 3

I was trying to setup Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3, IE7 Beta 3, and was encountering some problems where it fails at the end of the process. Looking into the installation log, I find entries such as

110.108: Num Ticks for Copying files : 30053
114.625: DoRegistryUpdates:UpdSpInstallFromInfSection Failed for ProductInstall.GlobalRegistryChanges.Install error: 0x5
114.625: INF_REGISTRY Failed
114.625: DoInstallation:DoRegistryUpdates failed
114.845: Access is denied.
114.875: Internet Explorer 7 installation did not complete.
Select 'OK' to undo the changes that have been made.
114.875: Starting process: C:\WINDOWS\ie7beta3\spuninst\spuninst.exe /~ -q -z
171.406: Software Update Rollback has completed with return code 0xbc2. This rollback requires a reboot.
171.406: Internet Explorer 7 installation did not complete.
Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3 has been partially updated and may not work properly.
171.406: Update.exe extended error code = 0x5

After searching through the Internet, it appears that it is due to some incompatibility with my firewall, ZoneAlarm. By uninstalling Zonealarm first, the installation of IE7 beta 3 will be able to succeed. After installing, the ZoneAlarm firewall can be reinstalled successfully.

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Michele said...

I found your site after doing a search for this error. I found a much easier route than uninstalling Zone Alarm... just restart your computer in safe mode and then install IE 7 beta 3.

Just commenting so others who are looking for the answer will find one! Took me a while to find it! LOL