Tuesday, September 25, 2012

iPhone 5 or Galaxy S3?

Increasingly, it looks like the Galaxy S3 is a much better choice than the newly launched iPhone 5.

Apple seems to be shooting themselves in the foot with some of the recent developments:
  1. Changing its long-used 30-pin connector port to the shorter Lightning connector rendering existing docks and other peripheral devices made specially for iPhone obselete.
  2. Lightning connector containing extra chip [Source] that may likely limit the ability to use third party cables.
  3. Dropping YouTube from iOS6.
  4. Using Apple's buggy mapping software instead of Google Map [Source]
  5. Increased screen size but still smaller than Galaxy S3's 4.3inch screen
  6. No NFC support despite it being touted as an upcoming technology
  7. iPhone 5 is nothing spectacular and only fixes the problems that people have been voicing about the iPhone 4S
  8. Many other smartphones in the market that are cheaper and more feature packed than the iPhone 5
iPhone 5 is perhaps a few iterations behind the leading Android smartphones. Samsung's advertisement does bring this point across rather succinctly.

Get the iPhone 5 only if you are already an iPhone user and the built in battery is starting to fail you for there is still some resale value in the old device. Furthermore, you will also preserve your investments in purchases from iTunes. Otherwise, look elsewhere.

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