Friday, September 28, 2012

Cecilia Sue! Oh! Cecilia Sue!

The CNB corruption case has gotten more and more interesting to follow the past couple of days. While Ng Boon Gay and his wife have been appearing on the news when the trial started, it was the appearance of Cecilia Sue Siew Nang that really heated things up.

Since Cecilia Sue suddenly appeared in court on Wednesday, the focus of the trial has been on her testimony and statements and in all regards, her testimony is rather tatalising.

From her trial, many people learnt the common knowledge that asking people "when you wanna take me?" is an euphemism for the female to take in sperm. Guess we better be careful in future when we want someone to bring us to a place of interest for visit or we may just end up in a hotel.

It has also been interesting to note she can be in a car's passenger seat and suddenly be forced to perform fellatio when Ng Boon Gay pushed her head down to his private part and he shoved his private part into her mouth! Best of all, it happened not only once!!

The flip flopping of her testimonial appears to point to only one logical conclusion. She was involved in an extramarital affair with Ng Boon Gay and ever had sex in an Great World City apartment. She was a willing party to the whole episode and that was why she had been willing to meet NBG outside of work on many subsequent occasions. Anyone will be hard pressed to find a female whom had been violated sexually being willing to meet up with the attacker multiple times subsequently and even have meals together.

Cecilia Sue! Oh! Cecilia Sue! I pity you for having to be dragged into the spotlight. Having an extramarital affair is increasingly common these days and it is unfortunate that yours got entwined with a corruption case in corruption intolerant Singapore. While you are now considered a witness, with the amount of flip flopping that we are hearing right now, have you wondered if you may be eventually prosecuted for perjury instead?

Let's hope all these blow over for you soon and you can go back to some semblance of the life you have had with your daughter and husband.

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