Friday, September 21, 2012

Where to Find Available Stock of iPhone5...

Where do we find available stock of iPhone5 fans? Evidently, they seem to be everywhere.

This is despite the fact that the latest iPhone5 is only marginally better than its predecessor the iPhone4S and that there is a host of competitor smart phones out there in the market that outperform the iPhone5.

Interestingly, Apple has still managed to somehow convince people to form long queues to grab their iPhone5 despite the lacklustre reviews from many parties whom have been disappointed that no major leap has been unveiled. All the iPhone5 did was to perform catchup with its competitors like the Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X which had already boosted the processor upgrades, larger screens, etc months ago.

For those whom have done their objective reviews of the phones, there is little likelihood of them trying a Melva Yip stunt. While Melva Yip may had been justified in being excited over the iPhone 4, wasting so much of his time just to be first in the queue for iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and now the iPhone 5 just seems to convey a feeling that this is one guy whom has no better use for his time and really needs to get out and try finding a life.

iPhone while revolutionary during its initial launch, is today just another phone not worth the hype. While the wow factor was there when it first launched, the latest launch of the iPhone only saw people dissing it with sacarsm that Apple is already out of the innovation game after Steve Jobs' demise.

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