Sunday, March 20, 2011

Why Lasik Surgeons Wear Glasses?

The question of why the LASIK surgeon who recommends/performs the refractive surgery usually wears glasses instead of going under the laser themselves if the procedure is so good pops up constantly on forums when people are seeking out information on doing Lasik.

The official answer from the doctors is that their near field vision is important and this answer leaves many people baffled. The near field vision for Lasik candidates are not important then? Only after I had gotten Lasik performed do I really understand the implications of the statement made.

Lasik is a great painless procedure for those whom seek freedom from glasses or contact lens. Good vision occurs shortly after the surgery but there is a catch. Good vision refers to the far field vision. This means that you will be able to move around effortlessly and even drive on the roads. However, near field vision does not recover so speedily. Initially, it is difficult to read documents, SMS on your cell phones, etc but these improve over some time. Even at a week after Lasik, I was still straining to look at my computer screen. It appears that the eyes still cannot adequately recover to handle the focusing on close objects that are lit up.

How long does it take to recover fully then? I guess no one knows for sure. During the second review session after Lasik, my doctor said to allow 2-3 months for the vision to stabilise. Meaning that I will still have to content with poorer visual quality when looking at computer screens.

The visual acuity of eye surgeons is important and they just cannot function with a loss of near field vision for so long and for such undeterminate periods. The opportunity cost of performing a relatively low cost Lasik procedure for their eyes may may giving up months of income loss and deferring their patients' operations till their near field vision recover is far too high compared to other people. Finally, a clear economic answer to why LASIK surgeons wear glasses.

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