Monday, December 27, 2010

Where To Get LASIK Performed?

The thought of getting LASIKperformed recently got stuck in my mind. Primarily, it is because I have gotten tired of the hassle of wearing spectacles and am a vainpot whom will like to be able to buy sunglasses off the shelves.

Our eyes are important assets for which there are no spare parts and hence I will like to seek out a LASIK clinic that I can trust. Affordable LASIK prices will be important but I will place more importance on the overall patient experience.

As usual, the first place of reference for the best LASIK clinic is to go online and read user forums for reviews. Some clinics names keep popping up. The Lasik Surgery Clinic (LSC), Shinagawa LASIK Centre, Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC), Jerry Tan Eye Surgery, Premium Lasik Surgery Clinic, etc... are just some of the bigger names that keep popping up.

The reviews of the various clinics are rather mixed but I do managed to draw some conclusions on which ones I will drop from consideration first. While The Lasik Surgery Clinic at Paragon is one of the most oft mentioned clinic because of its strong marketing and mass market pricing, it has become the first clinic to be dropped from my considerations because of the nature of some of the feedback past patients had provided online.

Jerry Tan Eye Surgery, SNEC and Shinagawa LASIK Centre are now my top 3 shortlists. Guess the final decision boils down to cost, equipment, surgeon and quality of patient care. Since I am not rushing to get LASIK done, I can take my time to source out the lasik clinic that I am most comfortable with before scheduling an appointment.

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