Saturday, June 04, 2011

Joanne Peh Nando's Saga

Joanne Peh and Nando's got into the spotlight after she supposedly stormed out of its Tanglin Mall outlet complaining of bad service.

The incident apparently started from Nando's not serving water and that S$3.90 was to be charged for a cup of warm water. Yet, the unhappiness according to Joanne Peh is not about paying for the water but more of the restaurant staff collectively clapping when she left the restaurant.

I have eaten at Nando's before and went ahead to order a beverage when water was not served. It is not hard to appreciate the business model of Nando's whereby some of the main courses do get quite spicy and waiters may have to keep refilling glasses for customers whom cannot take the heat.

While Nando's is rather well reviewed, I personally found the chicken a little on the dry side but still like the seasoning for the extra kick. Personal palate aside, I cannot see the reasoning behind making a big fuss out of small change for the drink when the main courses costs much more and are the main attraction of the restaurant.

While we can claim whatever we want and attribute the complaint to the clapping, there is no denying that the anger started when it was realised that water is to be charged and eventually boiled over. A hungry man is an angry man and I guess that applies to women too.
I doubt the full story of Joanne Peh's visit to Nando's is so simple. For the entire restaurant staff to have been clapping when she step out, there must have been enough commotion created and enough consensus that she is an unwelcomed, difficult customer. What I really wonder is did the other customers in Nando's also joined in the clapping when she finally decided to get her dinner elsewhere.

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Anonymous said...

comotion or not by Peh, it is still rude staff behaviour to clap in ovation. Nandos chicken is dry and not tasty. KFC would beat it anytime of day.