Thursday, April 05, 2007


Michelle Quek aka Princess-michie is the latest blogger to get herself into the limelight via some incidents on the internet. Seems like people are not learning that putting pictures of yourself or your personal views on the internet means that it is being made available for public access.

Sometimes it really makes me wonder if these people are actually attention seekers. If the information is not what they intend to make public, then it makes perfect sense to protect it or not even put it up initially.

Tammy NYP gained notoriety. Xiaxue uses the attention gained to make money. Princess-michie? Maybe up and coming but exactly how I am not sure at this moment. Making a police report and getting yourself featured in the newspapers is not exactly my idea of a smart move, just highlighting the lack of thought that went into what was initially done.
Bloggers must understand always remember that what goes into the public domain is subject all sorts of possible abuse.

What a sad way it is to get into the news...

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