Thursday, April 26, 2007

Director Jack Neo

Director Jack Neo, 梁导演.

I keep finding it weird that such a naming is being used to refer Jack Neo. It appears that there is some extreme sense of insecurity that it becomes necessary to constantly try to tag his name with the word director.

Who exactly is Jack Neo? The best memories of him dated back to when he first emerged on the comedy scene a long time back. There were good ideas that brought many laughs to the common population. However, over time, these ideas got stale and a lack of ideas started seeing ideas from taiwanese variety shows being copied. The nail in the coffin was when the programmes started using canned laughter... the humour was so stale that there was no longer the spontaneous laughter from the audiences.

In time, Jack Neo branched into making movies and came up with a few good productions. There were of course also some productions that did not perform.

While Jack Neo had made a few movies, does that really warrant having to constantly address him as Director Jack Neo? Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, John Woo, Tim Allen and many many more famous directors are not constantly referred to as Director XXX. Their fame speaks for themselves and the mere mention of their names conjures the term of directors.

While Jack Neo may have dreams of trying to become a famous director, constantly using director together with his name just highlights the desperation and insecurity that he is facing in trying to get recognised as a director.

In life, many things are accorded to you when the masses believe you deserve it and trying to force its speedy realisation while the time is not yet ripe may jolly well backfire and put the desire further and further out of reach.

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