Monday, March 04, 2013

Nixoderm for Dry Skin on Fingertips

I cannot remember when exactly it started but the skin on my thumb started getting dry and flaky till I could no longer use thumbprint scanners. Then the problem spread to my ring finger on the same hand and it got me worried.

I visited the doctor's and got prescribed with anti-fungal creams that failed to treat the issue. Another doctor prescribed steroid based cream and some moisturiser that only provided temporary relief after the creams were applied.

The condition was getting so serious that it was starting to really irritate me at times with an itch that I could not really get rid of. To make things worse, I recently realised that my middle finger was also starting to have some signs of the problem!

Really worried and having no faith in my GPs to fix the issue and still not willing to escalate the problem as needing to see a dermatologist, I went to my trusty approach of self medication.

Trawling the pharmacies, I read label after label and finally found my saviour in the most unlikely product. In a non-descript green packaging and costing a miniscule fraction of the costs of my doctor visits was Nixoderm.

A week plus of twice daily applications later, my skin condition has already improved greatly and I do look forward to when my irritating dry skin condition can be permanently eradicated.

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