Friday, January 18, 2013

Punggol East SMC 2013 Election Results

Now that the by-election has been called, the results of the by-election of the Punggol East SMC will be delivered by the Returning Officer Yam Ah Mee on 26th Jan 2013. For Yam Ah Mee's fans, this will be his last stint as Returning Officer since he has resigned as Chief Executive Director of the People's Association.

Now confirmed as a 4 way fight comprising the People's Action Party(PAP), Workers' Party(WP), Singapore Democratic Alliance(SDA) and the Reform Party(RP), the election has been said to be shaping up as a 2 horse race between PAP and WP.

The media coverage of the PAP and WP campaign efforts had so far been on more positive notes than SDA and RP.

The results of the Punggol East SMC by-election is important coming right in the middle of the term of the current government. The outcome of the polls may be construed as a vote of how the government has performed so far and is likely an important indicator of how pollers are trending towards the next General Elections due by 2016.

Is the winning margin going to be significant or will it be a replay of the 2011 Presidential Elections when a razor thin majority necessitated recounts? What will the outcome be when the Returning Officer takes to the podium to declare "Pursuant to Section 49, Sub-section 7e, Paragraph A of the Parliamentary Elections Act, I declare..."?

Who will be the winner of the Punggol East SMC by-election? The PAP newcomer Koh Poh Koon, the already known WP candidate Lee Li Lian, the poor performing SDA candidate Desmond Lim who failed to secure even enough votes to retain his election deposit or the RP candidate Kenneth Jeyaretnam whom parachuted in all the way from the western part of Singapore to contest in Punggol East.

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