Thursday, August 30, 2012

Starhub Promotion for COMEX 2012

I am looking to take up a broadband plan and am considering Starhub for the fact that it also has a relatively stronger cable TV lineup.

M1 actually has the best deal for broadband package, offering $39 for 100Mbps fibre connection.

Starhub has a rather poor offer in that the monthly pricing has not come down at all. The draw in its plan is only freebies. "Smashing Deals"? I guess not with the following "giveaways" but still a better offer than signups outside this promotion period.
  • Up to 1.2Mbps mobile broadband (included in typical Plus plans)
  • Home phone line (Home phone line at a promotional rate of $2.10 per month. Valid till 31 December 2013. Activation Fee of $42.80 is chargeable for new Digital Voice sign-ups.)
  • SafeSurf Online (Not very useful)
  • 12 months FOX Movies Pack (Not too bad)
  • $30 StarHub TV On Demand Access (Not too bad)
  • 6 months Basic Upsize (rather standard option)
  • 12 months Basic HD Upsize (rather standard option)
  • Up to 30% off mobile subscription (only if you also hold a Starhub mobile line)
  • FREE $30 Robinsons vouchers when you sign up to any StarHub service online (Not bad)
Guess I will still go for a Starhub subscription because with the various freebies, I still end up with a better overall package/experience than getting a M1 fibre broadband and Starhub TV subscription separately.


congkai said...

The flyers of starhub are not up anyway. so lets just wait.

Ice said...

congkai, the promotions are already posted on the Starhub website.