Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Japanese AV Film (HMNF-022) in Singapore Marina Bay Sands

Singapore is really going international and the latest addition to our skyline, the Marina Bay Sands (MBS) has now been featured in a Japanese film!

Interestingly, it was a Japanese adult video company which decided to film a porn movie resembling a tourism promotion video. The movie is said to be 2 hours and 40 minutes long. It must be a really engaging tourism promotion video to keep viewers glued to the programme for that long!

Basically the plot of the story is of a Japanese couple having their holiday in Singapore. During their throngs of passion, the Japanese couple was filmed in various sexual positions in their hotel room with Singapore’s CBD skyline in the background and adjourned to spots like Bugis, Shenton Way and Chinatown to satisfy their palates with famous Singaporean delicacies such as Laksa and prawn noodles.

It appears that the film had been uploaded to a site for viewers to download and after this news broke on the Singapore media and Internet forums, there are many people looking for a copy of the movie. Forum administrators are trying to remove information that contravenes their forum policies but new threads are sprouting up faster than they can react.

Just searching for "HMNF-022" on Google does bring up very relevant information on this film. While porn films are not truly accepted by mainstream Singapore, this film does really help in the tourism and praises MBS and Raffles Hotel as "The Best Hotel Life in Asia".

More specifically, the information on the film and its cast is as follows:
世界弾丸ハメドラー 天空の水辺 青木美空
T158 B83(C) W54cm H83cm

As usual, prohibited fruit is all the most exciting and there is no doubt that that many people are now trying to download this movie. Singapore Tourist Board may well consider this alternative angle to focus attention on Singapore in future.

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