Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Samsung I9100 Galaxy S2 From Starhub

While the Samsung Galaxy S2 is still out of stock in many places, I have managed to secure a set thanks to a prior indication of interest I registered with Starhub. For once, I am happy with the Starhub customer service for the set will be delivered to my home at a day/time of my choice.

Doing a re-contract of the phone and a trade-in of my current smartphone, the Galaxy S2 will be costing me around SGD300 plus. This will be one of my most expensive phone purchases ever as I have typically kept my phones to be below SGD200 and frequently tap the 2nd hand phone market while changing phones.

While there had been long queues at Apple stores for the iPhone, there has not been such visible and high profile occurences for the Galaxy 2. However, that is not to say that the Galaxy S2 is any less popular for, based on on forum rumours, stocks that are made available in the stores are snapped up swiftly and people are going around in vain hunting for this latest desirable gadget in M1Shop, Singtelshop, etc.

I am looking forward to the smooth operations of the phone with its dual core, Super AMOLED Plus screen, Gingerbread OS and TouchWiz UI. Guess I will be dreaming sweet dreams of the Galaxy S2 and enjoying the weekend playing with it. Already, I am thinking of what accesories I can get to fully leverage the capabilities of the Galaxy S2.

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