Saturday, June 18, 2011

Going to the Zoo or Bird Park

Finding places to visit in Singapore is always difficult for the island is small and there are limited options for those of us whom stay here permanently. When looking for options recently, I visited both the Singapore Zoological Gardens and Jurong Bird Park (JBP) on different days and refreshed my experience with our local tourist attractions after decades.

A quick assessment of the 2 will be that make the Zoo a first option and the Jurong Bird Park a lower priority visit. The entrance fee for the Singapore Zoo and Jurong Bird Park is comparable but the experience of the visits is vastly different.

Singapore Zoo is a top option because of the scale of the reserve. I spent almost a full day there but did not manage to cover the entire park. There are also very family friendly facilities there and a huge area for kids play in wet or dry playgrounds. The animals are put in extremely beautiful enclosures that replicate their natural habitats and moving around the park is relatively comfortable, even in hot and humid Singapore, because of the significant natural foliage that the Zoo keeps.

Jurong Bird Park is a half day visit attraction that I managed to cover in just about 3 hours. The park is great in the walk in enclosures that accords visitors wonderful proximity to the birds. The Lory Loft where we can feed the lories and the African Waterfall Aviary which hosts the man-made Waterfall are perhaps one of the best attractions. You will only spend a full day in JBP if you are the true blue bird lover whom will stake out a spot in the aviaries to catch a glimpse of all the different birds.

The popularity of the 2 attractions is also evident from the differences in crowd sizes. It appears that the Zoo hosted significantly more visitors while the JBP was quieter. If you are deliberating between visiting either attraction, go to the Singapore Zoo. You will not regret the decision.

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