Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jack Neo's Press Conference More Harm Than Good

Well... There has been no bigger news recently than Jack Neo's affair with freelance model Wendy Chong (钟佳燕). The juicy story has been reported in the local newspapers day after day and Jack Neo (梁智强) held a press conference with his wife Irene Kng (康美凤) at Scorpio East Auditorium at 10am on 11th Mar 2010.

The video clip of Jack Neo's press conference can be viewed at the razortv site,

It appears from the clip that the couple are badly traumatised by the turn of events and Jack Neo spoke first expressing his regret before passing it over to his wife Irene Kng to address the media. Bad move. While Jack Neo is a veteran artiste whom is adept at handling the media, Irene Kng is largely a stranger to addressing the media. Futhermore, she is already under so much stress and she has to voice her feelings to a big group of complete strangers.

Perhaps that is the price for being married to a public figure? But for the average person, even just the incessant flashes of photo taking will be enough to really put one ill at ease.

Surprisingly, Irene Kng manages to complete her address albeit amidst tears but collapses on the way out of the auditorium. Her collapse became the highlight of the conference with all the reporters trying to get a good photo of this dramatic moment and all hell broke loose. Shouting ensued, calling out for people to get out of the way so that Jack Neo's wife could be brought out of the auditorium. Ah Nan (阿南) whom has worked with Jack Neo for a long time, even stood forward as a "bodyguard" to hold back the reporters so that Irene Kng can be evacuated more quickly.

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