Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hardwarezone "Server Busy" Firefox Plugin

For frequent visitors of the Hardwarezone forums who did not sign up for their deluxe membership, it is common to encounter a "The server is too busy at the moment" message. One enterprising forummer has helped created a Firefox plugin to circumvent this "The server is too busy at the moment" message.

This Firefox plugin for HWZ which helps to enhance the surfing experience when accessing Hardwarezone forums can be downloaded from and what it achieves is that it helps perform an automatic refresh/F5 of the page until a successful HWZ page load is achieved.

HWZ really should look into putting in more bandwidth/hardware for their site. The site grew from strength to strength based on the many people whom had supported it over the years and now that the user base is much larger, it becomes more and more difficult to simply access the site. Hardwarezone Admins should look into the incessant complains on "Server Busy" errors before we all look elsewhere for sites that are more welcoming of our participation.

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