Thursday, February 08, 2007

Google Adsense Check Arrived!!

After being on Adsense for a while as an experiment to see if it truly works, I finally received my first Google Adsense check for almost S$200. What a joy it is to get this additional amount of money on top of my daily job!

What is even more fantastic about receiving my first Google Adsense check is that it is denominated in Singapore Dollars and there is absolutely no hassle in depositing it into my Singapore dollar denominated account. All I had to do was to write my account number on the back of the cheque and drop it into the quick cheque deposit as normal and presto, the amount is cleared as per normal!

For the folks at Google, thanks for making me have faith in Google Adsense. Let us work together to make more money together :-) I am looking forward to receiving my second Google Adsense cheque soon....

P.S. : Drop me a comment if you have an queries on doing Google Adsense in Singapore. I will be more than willing to help answer. Cheers!

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