Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Spyware removal

Despite being confident of my awareness of the perils in malware from the Internet, I got hit with a particularly bad case recently.

Unexpectedly, advertisements will pop up pointing to various sites and no amount of scans I did could resolve it. Mcafee AntiVirus, AdAware, Prevx1 and many many other softwares that I used to try to clean the infection did not yield results.

As a stop gap measure, I had to settle for editing the windows hosts file to prevent the advertisements from loading.

The breakthrough can eventually when I gave Panda AntiVirus a try. The initial scan using its online ActiveScan determined the cause and a download of the 30 day trial antivirus software managed to clean the infection. Thumbs up to Panda Software for an extremely well done job! Panda's excellent product can be found at

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