Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Yet Another MRT Death

Yet another death has occurred from someone being hit by a MRT train at Yishun. I was on my way to work when the MRT train started this announcement that "an incident" has occurred and some delay is expected. While the situation was not yet clear, I made the snap judgement to alight and head for the taxi stands... A wise decision it was, as soon after, the queues starting forming and many who were further back in the queue started making phone bookings for taxis in order to get to their destinations on time.

Leaving early for work has its privileges. I was in no rush for a taxi and could leisurely read my newspapers while waiting. The inconvenience was compensated when I got a Mercedes luxury taxi picking me, without any booking! Arrive at work in style and comfort :-)

Why are there so many cases of MRT deaths recently? Choosing to suicide by this manner is highly inconsiderate, posing much inconveniences for other people who are making use of the public transport system. Could it be that the previous case of suicide at Chinese Garden MRT which drew $500k in donations is now spewing a slew of copycat deaths in the hope of similar amounts of donations? Singaporeans! Please wake up and donate appropriately. There is no need to flood those who get media coverage with donations when there are so many unknown poors out there whom we can help better making regular donations through charities.

Or could it be that our MRT system is so overcrowded these days that someone was accidentally pushed onto the tracks during the mad morning hour rush?

SMRT HAS to seriously consider implementing barriers on the open platforms if more deaths are to be avoided. The cost may be high but what is this cost to a profit making company and compared to human life?

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