Saturday, June 17, 2006

Temporary Credit Increase with DBS

Once again, I am complaining about the services offered by our friendly local banks. This time the encounter is a call to DBS' customer service hotline for a temporary increase on my credit card spending limit.

My request was turned down on the reason that MAS regulations does not allow it and what I can do is to do an immediate payment and ring up DBS customer service hotline again so that my credit limit can be updated with the paid amount. Ok... since it is MAS regulations, I can do without the credit limit increase and just make use of another credit card I am holding.

It seemed weird that there is this MAS regulation as I had obtained temporary credit increase from Citibank before and it was exceptionally simple since I had constantly been in good credit standing. To clear my doubts, I do a simple search on the Internet when I got home and surprise suprise! Most of the other banks do offer temporary credit limit increases...Citibank, StandardChartered, Maybank, etc. all have it.

Why does DBS not allow temporary credit limit increases? My guess is that either the bank is self-imposing more stringent controls on consumer credit or that the customer service officer who serviced my call was not well trained and too willing to turn down customer requests. Either way, it puts DBS firmly near the bottom of my favourite banks to deal with. If not for the huge network of ATMs that DBS offers by virtue of its acquisition of POSB, I guess it will have had long lost me as a customer.

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Ken said...

Try calling DBS credit card service number for overseas. Kept me waiting for more than 2 minutes.

Why do they have a separate overseas number when it simply linked to the same operator pool is simply beyond me?

Try Citibank. Connect in an instant. An there are special toll free number to call in each country.