Thursday, June 15, 2006

IT Whipping Boy

It appears that many businesses have problems dealing with their IT department which tend to be more rigid and require precise directions to work upon. During the conference a few days ago, IT in failing to appreciate the needs of the business users, is unable to adequately address their concerns and support the business operations.

However, how is it that IT always has to be made the whipping boy? The strain of IT savvy non-IT workers is still relatively small. Even when they do exist, it still remains that they have to be willing to take on additional work that taps upon their limited IT knowledge... and since their core function is not IT and their pay is not to do IT, why not just push it to the IT department?

Being one of the newer breeds of IT professionals, I appreciate the needs of the business slightly better and try to meet their requirements as well as possible. Yet, as in all engineering projects, how is it possible to build something without knowing the specifications? How often it is for requests to come in without concrete requirements and to refine the system as we go along, resulting in extremely long development cycles as we continually try to hit the moving goal posts of the business users.

My business users are too pampered as we do not conduct inter-department charging and all these changes are "free". We really should charge them to let them know the true value of IT services and only then will requirements start to be more tangible and higher value be added to the IT services provided instead of struggling with endless frivolous change requests.

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