Saturday, June 10, 2006

Girls Who Grow Younger

I have no idea if I should feel amused or sorry for some of the girls that I know. As I know them, their age is no secret to me. However, as the years go by and they get older, suddenly their online profiles on Friendster, Moblog, etc will suddenly see age changes once they pass the 30 years old hurdle.

I have come across one who has conveniently took 5 years off her Friendster age when she turned 30 years old. Another one was more extreme, taking 12 years off her Moblog age, putting her profile age as 20 years old!

This is so pathetic, especially for single girls who cross the benchmark age of 30 years old. Suddenly, she is no longer a 20+ young girl but a 30+ mature lady. Seems like there are many single women around me who cannot really come to terms with reality. What is the point of lying? The truth will still come to light one of these days and you will be even more of a laughing stock...

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