Monday, May 01, 2006

Marina Square Swensons

Was over at Marina Square Swensons for tea and the service really sucked big time. I had an apple crumble and when the waitress poured in the syrup, it splattered and scalded me and there was not even an apology offered! I was not very pleased and my friends were also complaining about the service.

Finding a feedback form on the table, I took the trouble to pen down my dissatisfaction with the service that I received from the Swensons staff and dropped it into the feedback box. Giving my real name, real contact number, real email address to justify that there is a real problem with Swensons' service standards. However, I suspect that there will not be any real followup to feedback.

Thumbs down to the Marina Square Swensons and I will try not to frequent it again.

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