Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Budget Overrun

Have been spending too much recently going to restaurants and am overrunning by allocated budget for the month. Only left with a little amount to get me through till pay day.

Really tightening up everything, buying less coffee, choosing the cheaper items for meals, deferring non-essential expenditure till my budget is topped up...

Am I just torturing myself unnecessarily? It is not as if I cannot afford to spend a little more each month. The frugal streak in me borders on miserly sometimes but luckily I am miserly to myself only and still relatively generous to my friends.

Having tight finances (simulated or not) once in a while is perhaps a good thing. It forces us to rethink our expenses and identify the luxuries that we take for granted. Gotta be creative and see how I can get through the weekends having fun on limited budget :-)

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