WHO Announces End of COVID19 Pandemic

Promising COVID19 vaccines! Lower numbers of new infections! COVID19 is now under control! COVID19 cure found! Headlines that we will love to see but reality is far less rosy.  COVID19 is a virus.  A strain of coronavirus not unlike past virus such as SARS in 2003, MERS in 2012. Years have passed and no vaccine, no cure has been found for SARS or MERS. The same is likely to happen for COVID19. The optimistic put hopes on the huge efforts to find a working vaccine but what if  the end state is that the virus is here to stay? The virus is selective. Many infected are just asymptomatic or with mild symptoms, carriers whom go on to keep the spread alive. These are usually the young/healthy ones with no underlying issues. The ones whom really suffer are the older/weaker. At the end, perhaps we need to come to terms that it will remain as commonplace as influenza. People will die if they do not take care of their health. Life expectancies will be lowered as weakened elderly fail to overcome

Singapore Presidential Election 2017

Will this election be a reserved one for the "Malay" community? While Dr Tan Cheng Bock's initial case for an "open" election has been dismissed, it is still up for appeal. Should the reserved election proceed, the likely Presidential candidates for 2017 so far are: Mr Salleh Marican (CEO, Second Chance Properties) Mr Farid Khan Kaim Khan (Chairman, Bourbon Offshore Asia Pacific) Mdm Halimah Yacob (Speaker of Parliament) Mr Salleh Marican He is of Indian heritage and lacks fluency in the Malay language. Additionally, calculations by The Straits Times puts Second Chance’s average shareholder equity over the past three years between $254.3 million and $263.25 million, missing the eligibility criteria of at least $500 million in shareholders’ equity, on average, for the most recent three financial years. Mr Farid Khan Kaim Khan The question will likely hinge on whether he is "Malay" enough to contest in the Reserved Presidential Elections


#KamiTidakTakut. We are not afraid. We should not be afraid. The senseless bombings in Jakarta is yet another terror event that has hit civilian populations going about their daily routines. The use of terror, the use of fear by these extremists to try to coerce the majority to bow to their demands is despicable. Humankind should be focused on advancing us as a whole. It is uplifting to see the whole coming together and pool resources to help in events such as the Boxing Day Tsunami, Nepal earthquake, Christchurch earthquake, Southeast Asian Haze, Search for MH370, etc. Let us not be afraid but aware. Be prepared. Be aware that there are some bad people whom are intent on making life difficult for the rest of us. Be prepared to rally our communities and stand together should an attack happen near our homes. Have courage to stand up and let terrorists know that their cowardly attacks alienate them further from the rest of us. We should not be afraid. We are not afraid. Kami ti

Yang Yin (杨寅) and Weng Yandan (翁燕丹)

The one news that got people up in arms recently is the supposed scam by Yang Yin (杨寅). Yang Yin is supposed to have tried to take over Madam Chung Khin Chun's assets. Yang Yin's wife, Weng Yandan (翁燕丹) had already returned to their home (瑞祺公寓) in Hangzhou (莫干山路, 杭州), China,  after Yang Yin was called in by the police for questioning. In recent media interviews, she asserted that she continues to have faith in the integrity of Yang Yin despite the ongoing lawsuits and police reports filed against Yang Yin. While the court cases have yet to really proceed, the reports so far have consistently cast Yang Yin in a negative light. Yang Yin has been accused of numerous crimes and - SCCCI lodges police report against ex-tour guide who claimed to be its director  (9 Sep 2014) - Former China tour guide Yang Yin arrested for suspected criminal breach of trust  (17 Sep 2014) - Tussle over widow's assets: China tour guide's wife hits back at haters (17 Sep 2014) - Ex-tour

TOTO Changes from 6/45 to 6/49

Singapore Pools is changing the TOTO lottery game from 6/45 to 6/49 from 7th Oct 2014. With that change, the betting costs are going to go up though a larger top prize of $1 million is being dangled. Under the 6/45 TOTO game, the odds of hitting the jackpot is 1 in 8,145,060 and winning the top prize is close to impossible. With the revamp, the calculations by Singapore Pools put the odds of winning the jackpot at 1 in 13.98 million with the odds of winning any prize at 1 in 54. Statistically, it is an extremely long shot to win the top prize. The calculations are abstract for the reality that faces punter is more simplistically put as being based on the odds of 1 in 2... You either win or not win. The best way to anchor winning expectations is perhaps juxtaposing it with concrete examples. Centre for Addiction and Mental Health from Canada put it very nicely for the 6/49 game. A person has a 1 in 3 million chance of sighting an UFO. That's almost 5 times more likely than

Singaporeans First Party by Tan Jee Say

Tan Jee Say has been a common sight in Singapore politics in recent years. He first got into the scene when he contested the 2011 General Elections under the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) flag, then resigned from SDP to stand in the 2011 Presidential Election without securing any wins in both efforts. Now in 2014, mid term through the mandate of the current government, Tan Jee Say establishes the Singaporeans First Party with a team of 11 founding members. While Tan Jee Say's credentials look good being an investment adviser and former civil servant serving as a principal private secretary to former Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong, he has yet to make a significant mark on the political landscape of Singapore. It stands to be seen if the SFP will grow from strength to strength or remain the likes of the Reform Party. The initial reception to the SFP seems rather cool. The memories of the 2011 Presidential Election still holds strong in many voters' mind. Many had believed th

James Raj is "The Messiah"?

The Online Citizen (TOC) just put out a Facebook, , that a James Raj is being investigated for offences under the Computer Misuse Act and it is believed that the police are investigating him in relation to the actions of "The Messiah". Nothing done online is truly anonymous. Just connecting to the Internet gives you an unique IP address and there is also the MAC address of your network card. Have the recent hacking cases been solved? Once the mainstream media starts reporting on this information, guess the local community searches are going to explode with the terms of "James Raj", "Anonymous" and "The Messiah" once again as people try to figure out who this character really is. It will be interesting to see if a guilty verdict carries the death penalty as a report the The New Paper appeared to have had reported ( ).