Friday, January 15, 2016


#KamiTidakTakut. We are not afraid. We should not be afraid.

The senseless bombings in Jakarta is yet another terror event that has hit civilian populations going about their daily routines.

The use of terror, the use of fear by these extremists to try to coerce the majority to bow to their demands is despicable.

Humankind should be focused on advancing us as a whole. It is uplifting to see the whole coming together and pool resources to help in events such as the Boxing Day Tsunami, Nepal earthquake, Christchurch earthquake, Southeast Asian Haze, Search for MH370, etc.

Let us not be afraid but aware. Be prepared.

Be aware that there are some bad people whom are intent on making life difficult for the rest of us. Be prepared to rally our communities and stand together should an attack happen near our homes. Have courage to stand up and let terrorists know that their cowardly attacks alienate them further from the rest of us. We should not be afraid. We are not afraid. Kami tidak takut.

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