Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Singaporeans First Party by Tan Jee Say

Tan Jee Say has been a common sight in Singapore politics in recent years. He first got into the scene when he contested the 2011 General Elections under the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) flag, then resigned from SDP to stand in the 2011 Presidential Election without securing any wins in both efforts.

Now in 2014, mid term through the mandate of the current government, Tan Jee Say establishes the Singaporeans First Party with a team of 11 founding members. While Tan Jee Say's credentials look good being an investment adviser and former civil servant serving as a principal private secretary to former Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong, he has yet to make a significant mark on the political landscape of Singapore. It stands to be seen if the SFP will grow from strength to strength or remain the likes of the Reform Party.

The initial reception to the SFP seems rather cool. The memories of the 2011 Presidential Election still holds strong in many voters' mind. Many had believed that Tan Jee Say diluted the votes for Tan Cheng Bock and resulted in Tony Tan winning by a razor thin margin of less than 0.5% of the valid votes.

The establishment of the new political party has definitely stoked the interests of many and spawn the Singaporeans First Party Facebook page


which has garnered many more likes than the real Facebook page of the party at


The bulk of the online chatter about SFP is about its manifest and party logo.

Wall's Ice Cream
Singaporeans First Party Logo

In attempting to put Singaporeans first, the party's manifest has put forth quite a number of proposals that advocates spending more on social assistances, healthcare, education, etc and even advocates scrapping the Goods and Services Tax (GST). It remains to be seen if SFP is able to work out the sums and deliver on their manifesto holistically.

Will SFP remain around for long in the political scene or exist to only participate in the next General Elections before fading into obscurity? We will not have to wait long to find out for the next Singapore General Elections has to happen by 2016.

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