Monday, October 29, 2012

Petrolwatch Singapore

Petrolwatch Singapore was an excellent site for drivers when it functioned as a consolidation site that highlighted the latest pump prices of Esso, Shell, Caltex and SPC.

However, in many recent months, the Administrator for Petrolwatch Singapore has became very slow in updating fuel pricing information.

The latest petrol prices these days can usually be found from the comments section instead. The comments from drivers has been bordering on frustration since the site Administrator sometimes takes weeks to update the main information and people are not always able to scan through the long lists of comments to find the latest prices.

The poor management of information on Petrolwatch Singapore is likely going to lead to the site's demise as better sites pop up to address the current deficiencies.

Any new sites in the works better latch on to the realisation that the most efficient means to get updates will be via crowd sourcing and empower those with the latest information to directly perform the needed updates.

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