Friday, March 23, 2012

iPad2 or New iPad?

After the New iPad was launched in Mar 2012, it became rather clear that there was very little benefits that the new iPad provided over the older iPad2.

Essentially, the New iPad boasted 4 major enhancements, namely:
- Better screen using the Retina display
- A better camera
- Support for 4G LTE
- Faster A5X processor

However, these enhancements are insignificant for most people. Visually, iPad2 and New iPad looks exactly the same albeit New iPad is slightly thicker and 50grams heavier.

New iPad is basically not a game changer. It changes nothing. The New iPad is just a technology refresh whereby better hardware is put into an existing platform.

Yet, the arrival of the New iPad is still very welcome. Not that I have been looking forward to getting the New iPad but that the launch of this newer product now means that the iPad2, which was launched only in Mar 2011, saw a price cut.

The drop in price for iPad2, still a relatively new product, means that it became much more attractive to purchase. It will be a good enough option for the next few years as this tablet is only likely to be used for some web browsing, Youtube and a few applications. I have no use for a more beautiful screen display, faster processor and 4G LTE that I will most likely not tap on fully. I have also no wish to make myself look stupid using a tablet to take photos.

Eventually, I got myself a refurbished iPad2. I believe it is a great deal for the unit has been repaired and as Apple speaks of their refurbished products:
- Quality products at great prices
- Rigorous refurbishment process prior to sale
- Covered by Apple's one-year limited warranty
- Covered by Apple's 14-day returns policy
If refurbished is good as new, save the money and get refurbished!

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