Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Uploading to Facebook with Eye-Fi Connect X2

I had to cover an event as a photographer and wanted the ability to immediately upload pictures to a Facebook page. After some searching, I chance upon the solution offered by Eye-Fi Connect X2 whereby the card is supposed to be able to upload to Facebook immediately and purchased the SD card.

Unfortunately, the Eye-Fi Connect X2 does not live up to expectations. Yes, it does upload photos to Facebook but the detail that the Eye-Fi card can only upload images to personal pages and is not capable of uploading images to group pages and fan pages on Facebook was only discovered only after seeking assistance from the Eye-Fi support channels.

This limitation of the Eye-Fi card essentially means that it is a useless piece of junk to me. Uploading to personal Facebook pages is easily achieved via any of the smartphones available today and no additional cost is necessary. Since the Eye-Fi card cannot be used with a proper camera to deliver quality photos to a group/fan page on Facebook, all it becomes useful for is the transfer of images to the computer wirelessly, an option necessary only for very very few people.

Faced with the prospect of holding on to a useless piece of electronics, it becomes evident that I must quickly sell it to the few people whom may still need the functions the card provides. It was lucky that I had gotten the card at a bargain and was eventually able to get an offer that essentially lets me break even on this ill-fated purchase. Phew!

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