Sunday, July 19, 2009

Best Deal for Garmin nüvi 255W GPS

The best deal for Garmin nüvi 255W can be found on The local distributors (such as Eastgear) for these GPS navigators set their prices almost 50% higher than what I can find from This is even after factoring in exchange rates and shipping costs.

The best Garmin nüvi 255W price is the factory refurbished set available on which goes for USD$129.99 with free super saver shipping. Some people are reluctant to purchase refurbished sets since they were somehow in "defective" condition before. Do not be too quick to dismiss refurbished sets as being factory refurbished means that they have been repaired and perhaps underwent more stringent testing and perhaps an even more reliable product.

The tag factory refurbished means an immediate discount of USD$40 off the retail price of the Garmin nüvi 255W, making it an extremely hot deal with a hefty 57% discount off the usual price of USD$299.99.

Always consider buying factory refurbished sets especially when buying from reputable brands since the products will most likely come in a package that is indiscernable from the "totally new" ones. Might as well we choose to buy an unit that is identified as refurbished than to be sold a refurbished set at new pricing.


Anonymous said...

But can i download the garmin singapore/malaysia map?

Or i only can use melsingmap?

Ice said...

You can use either the freely downloadable malsingmaps or malfreemaps. My preference is to use malsingmaps which I personally perceive to give more accurate and realistic directions.

Zeus73 said...

what is Mal-Sing-maps and Mal-Free-maps different ?
is it Mal-Sing from Singapore and
Mal-Free from malaysia ?
I got install both into my Nuvi 660 which bought from ebay last week.
and realised Mal-Sing maps is good and detail in Singapore, but Mal-Free maps is good and detail in Malaysia.
Thus, always with both map in my nuvi all the times when I'd like to switch the maps at between of both.

Ice said...

Malsingmaps and malfreemaps are just 2 different mapping efforts. So far it has appeared that different folks have different preferences. It is really down to individual perception of which is more suitable for you.