Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Namewee's Negarakuku

If you have never heard of Namewee, you will likely have just came across his name for the wrong reasons. He has just gotten himself into the news for being under invetigation by the Malaysian authorities with regards to rapping to the national anthem using allegedly seditious lyrics.

It is interesting that nearly half a million people have already watched the six-minute video by Namewee and it is not difficult to get hold of one copy by searching YouTube with the terms Namewee or Negarakuku. Is the song seditious? It is done in a mixture of Mandarin and Bahasa and supposedly contained lyrics which 'touched on racially-sensitive issues by sarcastically singing the morning call to prayer for Muslims'.

Interest in this song is definitely high and enterprising Malaysians have after selling CDs of Tammy sex video and gadis lokap girl, now have reportedly produced CD versions of the song for sale in Kuala Lumpur's night markets!

It is known that racial tensions in Malaysia has been heighten recently but such tensions had largely been kept away from public scrutiny. With this incident, I guess Malaysians are going to have yet another big uproar about the truth of the points being raised in the song...

Wanna listen to Namewee's Negarakuku? Don't even step out of your house to buy that CD! While Namewee has succumbed to pressure and removed it from his account, many others have picked it up and posted it instead. The online video is easily available from Youtube by clicking here or here :-)

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