Tuesday, May 08, 2007

When is Mothers' Day?

When exactly is Mothers' Day? The date will depend on where you are from but many countries celebrate Mothers' Day on the 2nd Sunday of May. On Mothers' Day, the restaurants are packed and so many people go round trying to get presents for their mums to show how nice they are.

But do we really need to celebrate Mothers' Day? I guess my mum's views summed it up quite nicely... There is no need for any special celebration be it Mothers' Day or Fathers' Day. To our parents, there is nothing better than to have the children demonstrate their fillial piety on a daily and continuous basis. What is the point of making an effort to celebrate once a year when the other 364 days the parents are ignored? Furthermore, these special days are fast losing their meaning as retailers try to latch on to up their sales via promotions and tie-ups.

Instead of making a special effort once a year, let us make a dedicated effort to transform each and every day into a Mothers'/Fathers' day!

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