Saturday, October 07, 2006

Great Offer from dollarDEX

dollarDEX has just released a great offer, paying investors to mange their money.

Transfer your unit trusts now and be rewarded with a loyalty bonus, equivalent to 1% p.a. return on your average investment holdings of transferred units between 3 October 2006 and 30 June 2007.

This offer applies to unit trusts which you may previously have bought elsewhere using cash, CPF savings or SRS. For example, you may have bought Aberdeen Pacific Equity Fund at a bank several years ago. If you transfer your holdings in this fund over to dollarDEX you can participate in the promotion, earning the loyalty bonus for the period those units are held at dollarDEX up to 30 June 2007. Even if you switch to another fund during that period you can still get the bonus.

This is a very aggressive move that I believe will make a noticeable dent on the market share that Fundsupermart has and will force Fundsupermart to counter with some other offers to avoid losing too many existing customers. However, Fundsupermart as been frequently slow to react to competitors' challenges and hence, existing account holders with Fundsupermart should seriously taking up this offer by dollarDEX in the meantime. 1% additional returns does make a difference when large investment amounts are involved.

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