Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Chinese Garden MRT Suicide Followup

On 24 October 2006, Mr Tan Jee Suan, 46, was killed at Chinese Garden MRT station after being hit by a train going towards Boon Lay.

After news broke that he committed suicide due to financial difficulties and depression, Singaporeans once again showed their compassion with their wallets and donated around $500K to his family.

When the donated amount grew that huge, it was proposed to put the amount under a trust of sorts to ensure it is well managed and truly help the family bring its still schooling kids through to adulthood. This kind intention was rejected and the wife opted to handle the money herself. It is money donated to her family and she has all rights to manage it the way she wanted.

But yesterday night's news is a shocker. She actually offered $100K to the undertaker, 郑海船, who had generously offered to take care of the funeral for free. The undertaker has no need for such money and even if she was trying to thank him, a sum of $10-20K to reimburse him for all the expenditure will have suffice. The way the funds are being spent, I doubt it will last for long before the family falls back into financial difficulties.

I must applaud the kindness of the undertaker for offering to return the family the amount, not once but twice, and donating it to charity instead when the offers were rejected. A wonderful show of the true nature of big-heartedness!

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