Friday, September 29, 2006

P*****Click Media

Just came across this P*****Click Media that purports to assist in getting businesses getting top listed in Yahoo. Curious about it, I ventured to its website to find out more about how it does it and what it calls Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is nothing more than paying Yahoo to display the listings as Sponsored Results.

It does not make sense to pay good money to be listed and companies that offer to help you do that is not truly value adding to your business. You can pay Yahoo but do you want to pay Google and MSN too to list your business? Paying to get listed is nowhere as good as being displayed in organic search results.

Getting your business listed in organic search results costs you close to nothing and gives the best returns. All that is necessary is that you have to engage in some Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for your website. Properly done, you gain that advantage of being listed when the relevant keywords are entered at absolutely no cost! Furthermore, it is highly likely that Google, Yahoo, MSN or other search engines will also list you high up in relevancy. Talk about achieving lots for minimal effort :-)

Are you convinced? Let me show off a little and provide you 2 little examples of what I had done. Go to Google or Yahoo and try out the following 2 keywords, Squaredeals and Shareinvestors. You should find and listed on the first page of the returned results. I have spent not a single cent on this SEO exercise. The blogs are on free hosting and no money had been paid to the search companies.

If you will like to do SEO for your website, I will be more than happy to assist. It will not be free though since nobody appreciates free help. Renumeration is definitely negotiable as long as I am helping you in my free time.

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