Friday, September 15, 2006

EZ-Link Online Enquiry vs PaSoRi

Just logged on to EZ-Link website and found accidentally noticed the following message
Please note this service will be discontinued from 1st October 2006. To view your card’s past 20 transaction records and enjoy many more online services just buy a Sony PaSoRi Reader/Writer and log on to EZ-Online

EZ-Link is going to discontinue its Online Enquiry from 1st Oct so that consumers are forced to spend money on this PaSoRi device where "convenience fee for top-ups via EZ-Online will be waived for a limited time".

I am not sure what is the usage level of this online service but I believe it is an approach being taken by EZ-Link to increase its revenue. By disabling a free online service and forcing people to make the hardware investment, waiving fees initially, EZ-Link has the additional avenue for revenue once this EZ-Online thing catches on. Furthermore, people who are not willing to pay for what should have been a free service will no longer be able to easily get information about their trips and any overcharging that happens will go unnoticed.

Will I buy a PaSoRi device? I guess not... I see no sense in paying good money to help other people make profits. This is an instance of ill-informed consumers being shortchanged when we had paid for the cost of the EZ-Link cards and EZ-Link itself is making money from the trips that we make daily.


Anonymous said...

Could you do everyone a favour and write in to EZ-Link and also the ST forum about this?

Ice said...

My letters have never been published and I see all sorts of unjustified pieces being put up instead. My blog is meant to address this and let me have a freer voice on the Internet. Just free free to spread the word round about the discontinuation of the Online Enquiry so that consumers are properly informed.