Friday, July 07, 2006

My Beef, Your Poison

The Internet has made the flow of information much easier and faster and it is possible to leverage upon this strength by frequenting niche forums that are relatively interesting for information. It is interesting to note that the quality of online forums differs significantly... ranging from the very intellectual and useful forums at sgFunds, to the mundane and time killing ones at HardwareZone.

One distinct feature stands out among many of the forummers and that is a desire to be spoonfed when it comes to the really important stuff. This is evident from the many threads that were started asking about simple questions that a search on Google turns up an answer on the first result page.

Should I invest? How do I go to this place? Should I get term or whole life policies? Which is the best insurance company? How do I get started on share trading? Which is the best credit card? How much should I save? How to invest using CPF? Is MLM a good business? Is land banking a sensible investment? Are HYIP programmes scams?

How does the experiences of one person translate to another who is potentially in a completely different situation? I can invest $1 million into hedge funds but are you able to do the same? I can throw money into fixed deposits but you will need the cash soon so will you want to do the same? I love the taste of beef, of chicken, of pork, of meat but you go for the health conscious salads instead? I delight in spending time to seek out worthwhile deals but will you spend your time doing so?

Maybe it is time that the uninitiated be introduced to the concept of viral advertising. The Internet is good for researching information but there is absolutely no control over the truthfulness of the information volunteered. It is entirely up to the individual to shift through the information provided to gather the most useful nuggets of information... highly active forums only help to surface the most common knowledge for considerations and eventually a decision MUST be made made by the individual, taking responsibility for his own decisions.

One man's meat could be another's poison... my beef, your poison...

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