Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Inconsiderate Mobile Phone Behaviour

The peaceful morning was marred by this guy seated in front of me on the bus whose phone kept ringing and all he did was to take it out, look at it and then proceed to let it keep ringing till it went dead. All in all, the phone rang like half the bus journey and I had half a mind to give him a knuckle rap on his head.

Perhaps it is a call he really does not want to take but it is so difficult to put the phone on silent mode or even just to silence the ringing even if he did not really want to take the call nor cancel it? I have used Motorola and Samsung mobile phones before and it has never been difficult to silence a ringing phone without cancelling the incoming call. Is that popular brand's design so bad that users cannot even easily stop their phones from ringing? Is it a design failure or was the user so freaking ignorant that he decided making a nuisance of himself was a simpler option?

Technology should really be kept out of the hands of these sort of people. They underutilise it and utilise it in the most obnoxious ways. The only suitable gadget for them is the electric chair.

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