Monday, June 26, 2006

Why I Have Google Adsense

I am not a supporter of webpages that contains tonnes of advertising on it and hence never really wanted to put any advertisements on my blog. However, after having the blog gone "live" for quite a while, I realised that it can jolly well be another source of income for me if done right.

What is right then? Basically, that entails writing relevant content that people will be interested to read about so that my postings will be well indexed by search engines. Of course, that content also has to be information that I am interested in and keen to share with the general public.

If the blog does get popular and is read by many people, and some of these readers click on the google adsense advertisements I have on the page, then I will potentially be looking at a small steady stream of passive income while doing something I like!

Google Adsense fits nicely into the scheme of things as it actually has quite a few different advertisement banner formats from which I can choose from to blend into my blog. Nicely blended, the adverts are unobstrusive and will not turn people off.

To date, I still have not managed to generate sufficient traffic to this blog for a steady stream of passive income. Initially, I had a paragraph that asked visitors to click the advertisements that they found useful but on the advice provided by 59ideas, that paragraph has now been removed to avoid violating Adsense's terms and conditions. Thanks 59ideas!

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59ideas said...

Be careful that asking user to click on ads is against the terms and condition and can get your account suspended.