Friday, June 30, 2006

Why Decline Help?

Why decline help from welfare organisations? Granted, the older generation of Asians do not wish to rely on handouts for fear of "losing face" but this family has been accepting donations from passer-bys which is almost as good as begging. Furthermore, there is the 8 month old son who is being unneccessarily subjected to such hard times when welfare had already been extended to them and rejected. Is this a tactic to force the authorities to prioritise their wait for a house?
Homeless family lives under bridge at Kallang river, rejects welfare

SINGAPORE : A homeless couple has been living with their eight-month-old son under a bridge near Kallang river.

Anglers who frequent the area told Channel NewsAsia the family has been living there for three months.

They have been living off donations by passers-by.

But when some welfare organisations extended a helping hand, they refused to accept any aid.
When Channel NewsAsia's crew arrived, a 32-year-old woman was seen fast asleep with an infant.

The woman said she used to live in a flat in Whampoa with her 60-year-old husband, who works as a cleaner, before they were chased out.

Following that, they put up at their relatives' place for a while but moved out to avoid inconveniencing them.

"We have some house problem. That's why we are here," said the homeless woman.

When asked what the problem was, she said: "He got bankrupt, cannot get house, so we have to wait until we get house."
- CNA /ls

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