Tuesday, June 06, 2006

NUS Business School Advertisement

National University of Singapore (NUS) has become a laughing stock with the recent TV ads for its Business School.

If the advertisements were meant to generate hype about the School, it certainly has done so except that what was really brought out was the gross misrepresentations of NUS Business School, which ranked 92, as superior to better institutions such as University of Chicago and Sloan. How in the world did NUS become a university of choice when the facts are that there are 91 better options?

The girl who chooses NUS over University of Chicago and Sloan clearly is not thinking properly. Is that what NUS is trying to portray? That its Business School students cannot discern quality offerings?

Maybe it is time for NUS to set up a School of Media or collaborate with NTU's School of Communication and Information (SCI) to gain a better understanding of how to project the right impressions. Such advertising gaffes only serve to render the campaigns counterproductive.

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