Sunday, May 28, 2006

Getting Square Deals in China

Shopping in China requires one to bargain hard in order to get good square deals. During my recent trip, some of my tour mates actually encountered bargaining from over RMB3800 to sub RMB1000 while I managed a 33% discount on edible pearl powder, an expensive component of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Those who do not bargain will give the stallholders a sudden windfall and those who do intend to buy should know what is the right price before bargaining in order to avoid overpaying for inferior quality products.

If you are in Japanese and in Nanjing, China, you better keep your nationality a secret. The Chinese sentiments against Japaneses' lack of remorse and denial of the well documented incident of Nanjing Massacre still run high. The citizens of Nanjing have their own way of getting back at unremorseful Japan... Jack up the prices when selling to Japanese tourists :-D

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