Friday, April 07, 2006

Article on StarHub

Today's article in The Straits Times, "Gamers upset about StarHub's sluggish broadband speeds" is a superbly well written article. Bravo Chua Hian Hou for coming up with such a stinging piece.

Getting StarHub customers to switch to a more costly plan will unlikely solve the issues being faced. This sort of suggestions are obviously made by non-technical trained support staff who will not know the difference between kbps and kBps.

As it stands today, StarHub has one of the most expensive broadband plans around after Singnet dropped the prices of its plans. Throw in these issues which make customers feel shortchanged, StarHub will unlikely be able to convince hardcore gamers, the main takers of broadband services, to sign up or stay on with it. The article will definitely benefit SingNet and Pacific Internet which are offering better prices and performance on their services.

I love the closing paragraphs of the article, "...a solution is for StarHub to buy more hardware and provide more bandwidth, rather than for gamers to upgrade to one of its faster, more expensive plans. Since upgrades cost money, this will happen only when the ISP feels compelled to do so - for example, if it starts losing large numbers of subscribers". I should do a check on if I still have a contract, time to jump ship and get a cheaper, better service with another ISP.

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