Monday, March 13, 2006

Sales Charges for Unit Trusts

Online unit trusts distributors such as Fundsupermart and dollarDEX are lowering their sales charges and the banks are still trying to act cool to it giving reasons that banks offer face-to-face interactions and provide customers with valuable advice.

Ya right. Banks offer valuable advice to the tune of double the sales charges of online UT distributors. Even before your investment starts, buying UT through banks will have incurred you additional losses. How can buying UT from banks be a square deal? Not to forget the many senior citizens and lowly educated being advised to invest hard earned money in risky instruments such as ILPs, structured deposits and losing money in the process... how can banks be giving valuable investment advice?!?!

Time for people to wake up to the misinformation campaigns and educate themselves and find the best square deals for investments.

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