Sunday, January 08, 2006

Ren Ci Charity Show

The Ren Ci Charity show today saw very slow response in the number of people calling its donation hotline during the beginning of the performance. People were just not fully recovered from the betrayal of donors' trust by NKF and were holding back on their donations.

However, the calls started coming in after Reverend MingYi's performance of walking outside the 66th floor of Republic Building amidst the rain, wind and cold of the rainy day today. His sincere tears of anguish that people were penalising charities because of the fault of one errant person (read Durai of NKF fame) did touched many people and the number of calls really started shooting up.

By the end of the show, a total of S$6.8 million was raised. Reverend MingYi whom initially wore a worried look, not knowing the total amount raised, burst into a heartfelt big wide smile when the total amount was announced. The sum raised had met and surpassed the target of S$6 million needed for the year. What a turn of events and strong vote of confidence in the integrity of Ren Ci... Once again showing people that charity can come from the heart and need not extravagant prizes to be dangled as carrots.

Well done but once again I do question two things. Can Mediacorp charge less to stage these charity shows? Can the provider of the donation hotlines/SMS waive their administrative charges? Unless they can truly support local charities both in talk and actions, I will rather write a cheque directly to the charity instead of letting some commercial entities get a cut of my donation.

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