Saturday, January 07, 2006

Boardgames Themed Cafes

Yet another board games theme cafe has opened recently. After Settlers and Oasis, now there is this one named Pitstop Cafe at Circular Road. Did not know about this one till was asked by my friend to go to give some support to his friends who had just opened it.

My first impression of the place was that it is very amateurish. The place is well hidden on the 3rd floor of a row of shophouses at the end of a long flight of stairs. Upon stepping into the place, it has very simple decor. The best thing about it is perhaps the 2 sofas. The finger food was the usual deep fried items and was nothing special.

The feeling of amateurism was further reinforced when the Pitstop cafe people were trying to explain the games to us. The staff on duty were not familiar with the games and had problems explaining the gameplay to us. Different staff were not able to give us a consistent explanation of how the games were to be played. It is also a problem when bigger groups are there to play the games. The small tables need to be joined up to accommodate the people but the table surfaces join poorly and create a very uneven playing surface making gameplay less enjoyable.

Granted, the staff were relatively friendly and were very enthusiastic (of course since it is money to be made) in asking us to recommend Pitstop Cafe to friends. The group of us spent more than a hundred dollars at this Pitstop cafe getting the game hours, finger food and some drinks. Frankly speaking, I personally do not think the place is worth my recommendations and will most likely not patronise it again if it is up to me.

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