Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Motorola Razr V3

Motorola, my long time favourite brand for telcom equipment. My first Motorola product was a Bravo Flex pager which I subsequently upgraded to a Motorola Startac CDMA, then Motorola V3688, V8088, V66 before I become a Samsung user when I won a Samsung mobile phone in a contest and replaced that which got stolen with Samsung S500, then E600C which were my 2nd best options as they were cheaper.

Finally, I have gotten back on the side of Motorola and got myself a Motorola V3 with my bonus and a $50 Starhub voucher. Of course, the price drops of V3 played a huge part in my purchase. Signing a 2 year contract for PowerValue 100 at 20% corporate discount (i.e. $19.20 monthly) lets me get the phone at $138, with the $50 voucher, I had only to pay $88.

I love Motorola phones, or more specifically, the clamshell versions. The Startacs that I had were exceptional in terms of reliability and style. Of course, Motorola had not been particularly strong in the fashion or trendy phones like those of Nokia but I believe the reliability of Motorola phones is a perfect match for a working professional :-)

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